Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Favorite things to make....

Have you ever found something that you just LOVE to make or do? Well for me, when I am feeling crafty, I love to do things with personal photos. I like to find new ways to display them without just sticking them in a picture frame. So.... this has become one of my new favorite things to make! For the tile trivets, I usually put a big bow on the top, but I chose to leave it off of these for a different look. I will try to post pictures of some with bows so you can see the difference. Let me know what you think :)

The coasters are ceramic tile. I use felt pads on the back so they will not scratch furniture. The have at least 3 layers of waterproof sealer on them so they will withstand the sweat from your drink! 

I made  a set of the trivets for brides' maids gifts. We used the wedding colors for the background behind the picture and the bow. They turned out really cute :)

MOD PODGE- the greatest crafting tool

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


These are perfect for a little tea light or a small votive. The possibilities are endless! I love LOVE polka dots, so that is what I usually find myself painting, but there are so many other things that would be cute. 

For more ideas, click on the candles and votives tab at the top!  

Picture Frames

What better way to save those special moments captured on film, that with a picture frame! These frames are made of solid wood. I use materials to "snazz" them up alittle bit! The rectangular frames are made for a 4X6 picture. They can either be used up and down or landscape.

If you would like to see more picture frame ideas, click on the tab at the top labeled "pictures".

MOD PODGE- the greatest crafting tool

Monday, June 21, 2010


All coasters are coated in 3 layers of a waterproof sealer. They also come with felt pads on the bottom so they do not scratch your furniture.

I LOVE making these coasters. They are fun to make, fairly easy, and they look great! The coasters also make great gifts. You can purchase individual coasters and mix and match them, or you can purchase a set of 4. There are lots of possibilities! I can pretty much make any colors or patterns depending on the availability of certain paper. Let me know if you would like to place your custom order today!

Decorative Clipboards

Being a teacher, I use a clipboard almost daily, for various purposes. I have also recently made a set of clipboards for an entire real estate office. I used the same 3 colors for each clipboard, but tweeked each one so they had their own personal appeal to it. I wish I had taken pictures of them!

Click on the tab above to see more clipboard ideas. Any pattern will work, so lets get creative! 

large mugs/soup mugs

There is nothing more relaxing for me than getting cozy after a long day with a hot cup of tea or coffee. I have also made some of these for friends to be used as soup mugs. Very versatile mug!

all mugs are $6.00